As I already shared, Quiznos hasn't yet come to the table and agreed to the CIW's Principles of Fair Food…so we're gonna make 'em. :) Quiznos is having these wack  "Open Houses" going on all this month and they're actually going to be in White Plains on Feb.22nd (ck the interactive map for the details!) .

Here's the banner I'm gonna send to a local Staples to print (we'll obviously pay for it): . All you gotta do is pick it up and take a photo at the spot! I can also send ya'll some flyers so you don't have to just stand there. :)

There are about 5 of these "flash mob" style actions. Here's one in my hometown!!/event.php?eid=197881473571851&notif_t=event_wall#wall_posts

If you could send me photos *right after* (as in the same night), that would be sooooooo amazing!!! Let me know if ya'll got this and I'll let the CIW know!


Marina Sáenz Luna
239.986.0847 (cell)