End Farmworker Exploitation

As I already shared, Quiznos hasn't yet come to the table and agreed to the CIW's Principles of Fair Food…so we're gonna make 'em. :) Quiznos is having these wack  "Open Houses" going on all this month and they're actually going to be in White Plains on Feb.22nd (ck the interactive map for the details!) https://www.ownaquiznos.com/quiznos-open-house-map.asp .

Here's the banner I'm gonna send to a local Staples to print (we'll obviously pay for it): http://ciw-online.org/Resources/tools/banners/color/Quiznos.jpg . All you gotta do is pick it up and take a photo at the spot! I can also send ya'll some flyers so you don't have to just stand there. :)

There are about 5 of these "flash mob" style actions. Here's one in my hometown! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000567446698#!/event.php?eid=197881473571851&notif_t=event_wall#wall_posts

If you could send me photos *right after* (as in the same night), that would be sooooooo amazing!!! Let me know if ya'll got this and I'll let the CIW know!


Marina Sáenz Luna
239.986.0847 (cell)