The US Palestinian Community Network is honored to stand in full, unequivocal, support of the people of Tunisia as they remain steadfast in their struggle against a corrupt, brutal, and oppressive regime.
In doing so, we pay homage and reciprocate the unequivocable and crucial support of the Tunisian people in the Palestinian struggle for freedom, dignity and equality.
We stand in full solidarity with the Tunisian people, their unions, political, and civil associations, as they confront a regime that has failed to fulfill its duties to its citizens, nor protect their most basic rights. We are heartened by the Tunisian people’s individual and collective acts of bravery, the unity of their organizing, and the clarity of their message.
Just as there is a need to end Israel’s settler colonialism and its ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians, we must also confront the treacherous leadership that has undermined the Palestinian people’s political will.  Indeed, all Arab regimes who terrorize and attempt to crush the will of their citizenry, must be vanquished, and held accountable for their crimes against our long-suffering people.
The courageous Tunisian people have shown us the way. They have proven once again that, even in the darkest of circumstances, hope remains. The popular demonstrations, of young people, street vendors, doctors, trade unionists, students, lawyers, men, and women, manifested just that spirit, and in doing so, exemplified the energizing power of mass mobilisation and collective action.
The USPCN pays boundless tribute to Muhammad Bouazizi and the tens of martyrs of this revolt for freedom, liberty, and people’s sovereignty. As the revolt reaches a new phase, we hope that their sacrifices will not be in vain. We hope that the Tunisian people are able to harness this historic moment, and protect and advance their struggle for a just and free society.
From Rabat to Baghdad, we hope the Tunisian example spurs all our people; to free themselves from the shackles of fear, and to struggle together, in unity and with unstoppable revolutionary spirit.
We call on our communities, and all Arab communities in the diaspora and in exile, to take inspiration from the people of Tunis. Let this motivate us to continue the hard and liberating work to build collectively, united and with the spirit worthy of our just and noble cause.
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