This article points to a looming problem as Genetically modified plants are contaminating the world's food supply and eventually will render the concept of "organic" null and void.  In addition to the now permanent contamination of the world's soy and corn crops (that includes organic soy and corn) the biotec criminals are now pushing to introduce varieties of wheat, alfalfa, flax that are genetically modified. If this is allowed to occur, then we have unleashed the ticking time bomb of runaway pieces of genetic information which cannot be recalled – no way, no how.   This would mean the slow but steady contamination of 1. Mustard family plants (starting with Canola of course but also including all of the Brassicas – kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower etc.) 2. Soy as has already been mentioned 3. other Legumes as both soy and alfalfa are legumes 4. Grasses! as wheat is a grass 5. And Flax and its relatives.  For the uninitiated, genetic modification occurs when corporate criminals like Monsanto, "engineer" novel seed varieties by inserting DNA from one organism with the DNA of a plant species to obtain a plant that exhibits new, and allegedly beneficial properties.  Left to its own devices, this step of "engineering" would never and could never ever happen in nature as the only mechanism that allow for cross KINGDOM movement (From Kingdom Animalia to Kingdom Plantae) of genetic material are the human manipulation of "VECTORS".  Vector is benign corporatese for an agent that is used to carry and insert the DNA that the "engineers" seek to add to a plant's genetic material.  In and of themselves, these vectors are problematic as they have to excel at slipping through cellular defense and detection barriers and, so, the natural choices are plant viruses, bacteria and other agents of dubious safety profiles. 
A good example is the insertion of Flounder fish DNA into tomato plant DNA.  The piece of Flounder fish DNA that is inserted into the Tomato plant DNA, directs – (meaning it provides biological information to cause host cells to make) – the plant cells to produce antifreeze proteins which allegedly give the tomatoes added durability in colder weather.  Early research of genetically modified plants (GMOs for short) that were tested as food on lab animals has shown, among other things, that the GMO feed produced massive levels of inflammation and disease in the animals consuming these Frankenfoods.  Furthermore, this early research showed that these negative disease producing effects of the GMOs were not necessarily linked just to the novel proteins being created in these GMOs, but that it was the altered cellular nature of the GMO as a whole that was creating disease.
This year it was reported that the Japanese food industry took shipment of certified organic soy from the USA in order to manufacture several lines of organic soy foods.  Just to make sure, the Japanese had the shipment tested and found significant levels of GMO contamination in the shipment.  The response of US agricultural representatives was very instructive as they indicated that it was now no longer realistic – and therefore NAIVE- for anyone to expect to be able to obtain a clean, thoroughly organic crop of soy from the US that was free of GMO contamination!  Also, we know now that the ancient varieties of maize which are grown as part of the UN's world heritage food crop preservation efforts in Mexico now exhibit GMO contamination even though GMO corn is not legally allowed to be grown in Mexico.
In depth interviews with Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser ( ) are a great way to get up to speed on this issue as he has faced off against Monsanto in their attempt to bulldoze opposition to their perverse midwifery of GMO crops which clearly demonstrates the capacity for the corporate biotech world to exhibit the "Death Instinct "by championing business and agricultural strategies that will eventually undermine the best thing our species has carried forward through time – sustainable agriculture.  Please understand, GMO agriculture and Organic Agriculture CANNOT COEXIST – the track record that Schmeiser documents has clearly shown that GMO AGriculture will contaminate all plants through various forms of naturally occurring drift of genetic material via seeds and pollen carried by wind, animals or humans just to name several mechanisms of spread.