It is official. Lynne Stewart, our shero and people's lawyer is at this very moment in transti to the Oklahoma prison complex which is a transit point for the prison system.

We still have no confirmation as to where they will send her. 

They may keep her there for two weeks until this is determined.  Clearly, the request of friends and family that she be allowed to remain at mcc until that time, has been deliberately disregarded. 
Clearly the efforts of the police state to break and abuse her spirit is evident, in that she could have just as easily been allowed to remain close to her love ones for the holidays, instead of being handcuffed and shackled to the floor of a prison transport plane  to Oklahoma transit prison. This is business as usual policy for the  U.S. Prison system and we hope, against all hope, that Lynne was not shackled in this manner.
Continue to write, write, write.  Her letters will follow her and when she arrives at her destination i.e. assigned place of imprisonment, she will need them as much as we will appreciate them.
Lynne Stewart  #53504-054
P.O. BOX 898801

Thank you much.

Ralph Poynter
Lynne Stewart Defense Committee