Dear WESPAC friends and members,

The WESPAC family would like to thank all those who responded to our membership drive this year and those who have participated in our campaigns and fundraisers for peace with justice both at home and abroad.  We have much to appreciate, many to thank and so much to be grateful for.

Our mission is to raise our own awareness and educate our communities about crucial local, national and international issues.  We welcome your participation as we work on:

·        Food and environmental justice including working to ban hydro-fracking 

·        Housing, immigration and education issues with community partners

·        Racial Justice work led by the Anti-Racist Alliance

·        Militarism and the quest to bring the war dollars home

·        Working with community partners in sustaining the annual Margaret Eberle Fair Trade Festival to be held Dec. 4th this year

·        Palestine solidarity and the US Boat to Gaza to be launched next Spring

WESPAC has posted a three page annual report about this past year’s activities on our website blog sphere if you would like to read full details about our work.  Please feel free to call the office and request a hard copy if you would prefer.  (Please turn over)

WESPAC provides meeting space, a resource center and a network of organizers working in a world threatened by injustice and environmental degradation. We are your place to meet, talk, and celebrate what it means to build a world where human needs are met and all life valued. We are the consistent local voice for change. We have an ambitious agenda and need your help to carry it out. Please keep us moving forward. 

Your support is essential to WESPAC Foundation’s existence.  Please be counted.   Consider a contribution of $100 or more to support our work at this holiday time as we gather with friends and family.  Any amount you can afford at this time would be deeply appreciated.  Please send your tax-deductible contribution in the envelope provided and make the check payable to WESPAC Foundation or go online today and make a contribution on our website .  Make a note if you can pledge an amount every month, automatically through online banking or by sending us a check.

In Solidarity and for the WESPAC Family,

WESPAC Foundation Board of Directors