Manhattanville College, 2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY
Berman Student Center

7 pm December 1, 2010


Mohamed Mohamed (Mo-Mo)
Mohamed Mohamed is an Arab American graduate
student & comedic musician from New York.
Mohamed combines quirky music with positive comedy
in an effort to raise awareness of current
social issues
& to dispel negative stereotypes of Middle
Eastern-Americans. He has performed
in colleges all over NY & venues including Town Hall
Theater on Broadway.

Ameena Meer
Ameena Meer is a creative director and writer. Her
current work: fragrances for Calvin Klein and branding
for Park51, the Lower Manhattan Community Center.
Her ad agency in Tribeca, Take-Out Media, fuses the
magic of prestige advertising with the realities of
environmental and humanitarian concerns.

Deepa Kumar
Deepa Kumar, an associate professor at Rutgers
University, lectures and writes extensively on
Islamophobia. Her work appears in the Journal of
Communication Inquiry, Feminist Media Studies, MR
Zine, Common Dreams, Dissident Voice,
Islamophobia-Watch, Socialist Worker, and ISR.
Since the Park51 controversy exploded, she has been
sought out by BBC, USA Today, Proseco (Mexico),
WBAI radio, and others.

The Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action
(Manhattanville College)
WESPAC Foundation (Middle East Committee)
Seeds of Peace
MSA (Muslim Students Association)
For information call: 914 449-6514