Please hold the date for Monday, October 18th, for an action in front of the White Plains FBI office from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and then at 7pm for a panel including speakers from the Center for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild and Drum  to discuss the recent FBI raids.  The panel will be part of WESPAC's annual meeting to take place at our new space located at the Mapleton Conference Center at Good Counsel in White Plains.  We would love to have at least 30 people present for the FBI action, so please let us know if you can participate.  Nick is helping me make signage and secure the permit, but we do need others to step up and help with making phone calls, spreading the flier once it is ready to your lists, and mobilizing people to come.

As CCR has informed us: "Thousands of people gathered in nearly 40 cities across the country this past week in response to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) raids on peaceful anti-war and international solidarity activists in Chicago and Minnesota. The growing threat to the right to dissent has been demonstrated in the U.S. government's efforts to silence speech, and criminalize and target peaceful movements. These efforts are becoming more aggressive, emboldened further by the Supreme Court's increasingly conservative decisions, for instance regarding material support in the form of humanitarian aid to so-called terrorist organizations. Fortunately, opposition to this blatant repression of our basic civil rights is mounting daily."


More information will be forthcoming, but for now, please hold the date!