This morning 9/24 the FBI began carrying out raids on the homes of antiwar activists in
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago and Mich. alleging connections with terrorist organizations,
mentioning in the warrant the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the
PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). 
Here in Minnesota, they raided at least 4 homes of activists in the Antiwar Committee and
members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.  The FBI and police said they were
taking all materials related to those groups and to how the Antiwar Committee “indoctrinates”people.  One activist who visited Palestine on a solidarity delegation in 2002 was served with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in Chicago on Oct. 12.  To my knowledge no one has been arrested. 
I think this is a serious assault on civil liberties and on the antiwar movement.  The Antiwar
Committee is a very active and important part of the antiwar movement in Twin Cities.
There will need to be a major defense effort.

Joe Callahan

Iraq Peace Action Coalition , Mpls.