Sept. 6, 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

  After a few days of humble reflections, beautiful weather, and heart-warming sustenance, I think it is a bit safer to say that a change in season is about us, that the soft kisses of Autumns winds with soon be a part of our everyday, that the days will shorten, and our bodies will begin to take rest. I feel it more than ever this time of year, to reflect on the past days, months and years – to remember and pick out the little teachings that I have come across, and try and put them all together to build my tomorrow – for we are all what we have become through our experiences, and what better way to celebrate our lives, and our time here on this ship, than to remember, to reflect on, and to grow from these journey's.

  I am feeling closer to the earth more these days – in my actual and physical connection with the land, the plants, and animals – but also in my emotions and spirit, which tie me to this place and give me the insight to remain here, for it is here that my roots are. I feel very blessed to be here now, to be able to share my love with my roots (the land, my family, friends and community), and to have my roots feed me and build my strength.

  Our bodies are our vessels through this journey – and I believe there is no better way to feed and fuel our vessels than through cultivating good energy and eating fresh and healthy food, that which comes by and through the earth. Many of us have the opportunity of choice when it comes to what, when, where, and with whom we eat everyday – but there are also many that do not have that choice. It is towards the effort of increasing the availability of fresh and healthy food for all that I am focusing my work – and I very much have faith that this can and will work out.

  Until then, the land of Ryder Farm is continuing to produce good food for many of us. The chickens are laying almost 30 beautiful eggs a day. The fall greens are coming in (kales, mustards, spinach, collards, asian greens), as are the cabbages and broccoli. The eggplants are delicious (I made some great overnight pickles with the Little Finger's – I can pass along an easy and very tasty recipe for vegetable pickles, if any one wants), and the green beans have come back with a new life. So take a look at this weeks produce list and give a shout. Oh, and the Katonah Yoga Market is back to Wednesday starting last week.

  Thank you, all. Goodnight.

Introduction to Farm Livestock Workshop at Ryder Farm (This Saturday September 11 1:00 – 3:00 pm)

  I will be offering a workshop this coming Saturday, September 11 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Ryder Farm. The workshop will be a walk about and discussion on raising small livestock (laying hens, dairy goats, and honeybees) on the farm or at home, as well as a walk through the "garden" if time permits. The workshop is $10.00 per person ($0.00 for children). Please RSVP to me if you would like to attend.

I am Looking for Land and Funding to Start a Local Organic Farm
  I am in search for a new place to develop a farm – somewhere in the Westchester area, so that food can be grown and made available to this community. My dream is to cultivate a socially and ecologically sustainable "farm", on which food can be grown and provided to lower income families, and/or those who may not be able to afford locally and organically grown produce at retail prices. This will be supplemented with sales to local restaurants and the continuation of this "buyers club" – so that food can be provided to all those who want and need it.
  In order to do this, I need land and financial assistance to help with the costs of the farm. If any of you are interested in helping with this adventure, or might know anyone that could potentially be a "funder", please let me know. My thought is that if the costs of the farm can be covered we will be able to focus on producing high quality food, protecting the health of the land, and cultivating socially just practices within the community. I understand that not having to worry about making money might be fairy-tale-like, but I feel that if profit is not a necessity, more attention can be paid to the heart of the adventure. I know that this effort can be a significant contribution to our community, and I have faith that this can work. Thank you!

I am Looking for Work and Living Arrangements for this Winter
As I plan on not staying with Ryder Farm after this growing season, I am looking for work and/or a place to live this winter – somewhere that can accommodate myself (and if possible, the goats). If anyone needs a caretaker or house-sitter, or knows anyone that does, I would like to organize a work-trade or live-in situation, in which I can work for housing and board, or I can pay if that is preferred. Or, if anyone has a room or cottage that I can rent (or in exchange for work) I would like to do that as well. If this could work for anyone, let me know. Thank you!

Market Stand at Katonah Yoga Back To Wednesdays
  For the past few weeks I have had a market stand set up at the Katonah Yoga studio in Bedford Hills, once a week on Thursdays from 9:00 to 1:00. Starting in September (this Wednesday) I will be moving my market day back to Wednesdays (same time 9:00 to 1:00). I will bring everything that I have at the farm – so what you see on the "produce list" you can also pick up at the market, if you cannot make it to the farm.

Preserving the Summer Bounty
  Here are just a few deas to preserve the summer bounty of vegetables:
     Stewed Tomatoes – canning or freezing
     Tomato Sauce
– canning or freezing
     Salsa (with onions, peppers, zucchini, eggplant…) – canning
   Green Beans:
     Dilly beans – canning
     Blanched beans – freezing
     Dilly carrots – canning
     Blanched beans – freezing


digger's east Produce Featured at Local Venues
   Sweet Grass Grill
24 North Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591-7623

(914) 631-0000
   Waccabuc Country Club
90 Mead Street
Waccabuc, NY 10597

(914) 763-8694

   Mt. Kisco Day Care
95 Radio Circle
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

   The Flying Pig at Lexington
251 Lexington Avenue
Mt Kisco, NY 10549-2720

(914) 666-7445

   The Country Farmer
Across the Street from 121 Restaurant in North Salem, NY
   Table Local Market
11 Babbitt Road
Bedford Hills, NY 10507

(914) 241-0269

digger's east Produce Donations to
   Hope Community Services50 Washington Avenue New Rochelle, NY 10801-5503
                                         (914) 235-2607
   Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry
United Methodist Church 300 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
                                                 (914) 977-3295
   Neighbor's Link
27 Columbus Avenue Mt Kisco, NY 10549-2603
                         (914) 666-3410

Farm in Need of…
  Here is a list of "things" that the farm, and myself, could use – I thought this e-mail would be a good medium for getting this out to the public. Thank you to all who have given already.
Motorcycle/Motorbike/Vespa – I am looking for another vehicle, a motorcycle/motorbike/vespa, that I can use to make local deliveries. I would love to have a more fuel efficient vehicle that I can use to supplement the use of my pick-up truck. Does anyone have a motorbike that they are looking to sell, or know anyone that is?

    Baskets – wicker baskets for market and harvesting.

Articles on digger's east and Ryder Farm

  This article written by a good friend, Jessica Schneidman, who wrote it for the Bedford-Katonah Patch, an online journal. Visit them at Here is a link to the article about the farm –
I have attached a write-up from August 13, 2010 by local Record Review columnist Michael Millius. Take a look… and maybe think about supporting local newpapers and journals like the Record Reiew – they are a huge partner in bringing voice and recognition of small operations (among other things) to the greater public.

Eggplants and Garlic available through Ryder Farm Cottage Industries (my neighbors)
   My neighbors at Ryder Farm Cottage Industries have offered some eggplant and garlic – and it is available to you all too! So let me know if you would like any of these and I can get some from them for you.
   Eggplant – $3.50 / pound
   Garlic – $10.00/ pound

Local Architect Building Green
  Michael DeCandia, a locally-based and very talented and passionate architect (also my dad) has recently started his own firm, ECO Design Group LLC, along with a few other solid architects and builders. Their mission is a commitment "to designing and building healthy and comfortable spaces while minimizing the impact on the environment" in the Westchester area. If you are interested in renovating you home and building on a new site, or even if you are just interested in local movements, visit them at

Solidarity with Working Women in Africa to Assist a School in a Tanzanian Township

  Andrew Goldfarb, of wonderful Katonah, took a trip to Tanzania couple years ago, and while there grew a deep fondness for the people and the land. He met African women who make beautiful hand and tote bags from recycled cloth and recycled feed/grain sacs. Andrew came back from Tanzania with luggage filled with these bags that he had bought from the women for a price that would help to support them financially. Now with the help of conscious consumers here in New York, Andrew can sell these bags and the full profit margin will go towards assisting a school in a small Tanzanian township at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Support this action of solidarity by contacting myself ([email protected]) or Andrew ([email protected]) to order your own bag. The bags will also be available at the Katonah Yoga Market on Thursdays in August between 9:00 and 1:00 am (and Wednesdays starting in September). We thank you.

KatonahGreen Potlucks
  KatonahGreen – "A blog about sustainable living featuring interviews, reviews, videos, news and opinion on: local organic food and farming – natural health – green events – common sense energy – green shopping and films – making change and building community – all within 20 miles of Katonah, NY" (visit at
  KatonahGreen is also a medium for organizing potlucks and gatherings in the area – if you are interested in hosting a potluck, or being a part of one visit

  Thanks, All. I hope to hear from you soon.



digger's east farmstand at the Ryder Farm



Ryder Farm

404 Starr Ridge Rd

Brewster, NY   10509