Many had considered the bill all but dead, but the unrelenting work of Frack Action and other groups successfully built a bipartisan coalition in the Senate and mobilized citizen action across the state.

Mark Ruffalo, a Hudson Valley homeowner, actor and spokesperson for Frack Action said, “As a resident of Sullivan county I am relieved the state senate stepped up to the plate to institute sound, common sense policy on the issue of hydro-fracking. Protecting my family and neighbors and friends is why I have dedicated my time to raising awareness on this issue of critical importance."

Pending passage by the Assembly, the moratorium will restrict gas and oil companies from hastily endangering the health and economic well-being of more than 12 million New Yorkers who draw their water from the area slated for fracking. The moratorium would be effective through May 15, 2011, providing the state much-needed opportunity to fully review the potential hazards.

The bill enjoys strong support in the Assembly, but it remains unclear when the legislation will come up for a vote.

You can help. Please take a few minutes and:

* Click here to send a letter to Assembly Speaker Silver, urging him to pass the moratorium.

* Call Assembly Speaker Silver and your own Assembly Members (find your member here) now to tell them to bring the bill (A.10490A in that house) to a vote as soon as possible.

* Call Governor Paterson and tell him to heed the call of New Yorkers across the state who are calling for the state to slow new gas drilling down and to make sure it can be done safely before our communities, our drinking water, our air quality and our landscapes are sacrificed.