Over the years, the decades,  Lenny Ruderman was a regular at our WESPAC demos and vigils and rallies at the Fountain in White Plains

 I see  him at one end of Margaret Eberle’s banners.
I think of him  there during the days of protest against Indian Point and  the years of all weather  opposition to the Viet Nam war.  

Later I would see  Lenny with CASA Westchester  holding a sign opposing the US attacks on Central America….  on the “End the Embargo” of Cuba in support of the Cuba Friendshipment. …  on marches and sit-ins at Congressman Deoguardis office, later to Nita Lowey‘s office firm in his opposition to the US policies in the Middle East .  Lenny and his wife would person an activist table at the annual WESPAC Corliss Lamont picnics in Ossining.  I would always see Lenny and his wife at the annual Peace and Justice Awards dinners.
 In his strong and quiet way, Lenny could be counted on to be there at the White Plains WESPAC center for every  gathering to hear speakers on so many issues. 

  His activism was live, alive,  positive, consistent and deeply principled.

Lenny Ruderman  PRESENTE!!

Andrew Courtney

It is with deep sadness and pain that I announce the passing of Lenny Ruderman.  He was a precious person, a fighter for justice, a humble activist and a very strong supporter of WESPAC.  A more detailed obituary will be posted soon.

He passed away July 11th and did not want to have a memorial service.  His body has been cremated and the ashes spread over the Atlantic Ocean.

You may write a card of condolence to:
Mrs. Ruderman
90 Crisfield Street
Yonkers, NY 10710