Dear Friends:

  This is a plea to reach out to religious leaders you know and ask them to
participate in the rally to stop the wars that will be held this coming
Saturday, May 22 at 10 am in downtown Highland Falls outside the gate of
West Point during the time that Barack Obama speaks to the graduating cadets
and their families and friends.

  It is essential that the moral element of these wars be addressed – the
illegality under international law of the occupations and the continued
killing for political and economic advantage. Yes, there are people who want
to organize bombings in the US, but this is work for the police not the

  We are entering into a time of increased violence in Afghanistan with the
planned offensive in Kandahar and in Iraq, where the internal struggle for
power appears to be just beginning.  There is also the continuing threat of
an attack against Iran.

  Please contact any religious leaders you know who will be willing to speak
out against the killing, and urge them to be at West Point next Saturday
.  The voice of the religious community has been very faint on war
since 9/11, and it is very much needed now to challenge the piety in which
our politicians try to wrap these wars.

  You should know that we invited the president to meet with representatives
of 10 lower Hudson Valley peace organizations when he comes to West Point on
Saturday, but we were told that he is too busy.  See below. I have asked
that the president reconsider but have not had a response.

  Finally, please do your utmost to attend the rally on Saturday and reach
out to at least one other person on a personal basis, in person or phone
call, and ask them to attend.

  In solidarity,

  Nick Mottern