Whither the Israel Lobby?

Interview with
Jeffrey Blankfort
Electric Politics
April 9, 2010

Ever since his 1970 assignment to photograph Palestinian refugee camps,
Jeffrey Blankfort has been a committed anti-Zionist. Jeff is less well known
than he should be, though he frequently publishes in the alternative media
and has a regular, weekly program on KZYX radio in Mendocino, California.
He maintains a rare intellectual consistency, being unafraid to put rational
argument above political loyalties (so, for example, regarding approaches
toward the Israel Lobby he praises President George H.W. Bush but condemns
Noam Chomsky). It was a pleasure to talk with Jeff and I wish more people
had his moral integrity. Total runtime an hour and twenty one minutes.
George Kenney, Electric Politics

In this fascinating conversation, Jeffrey Blankfort discusses the complicity
of Noam Chomsky and the so-called antiwar left in concealing the Israel
Lobby’s responsibility for America’s wars, the failure of the pro-Palestinian
movement to recognize the importance of the Lobby and the USS Liberty,
Jewish media influence, Jewish supremacism, George HW Bush’s 1991 clash
with the Lobby, the significance of the Petraeus briefing,  Israel’s descent
into a “theofascist” state, its desire for regional instability, and much more
– Maidhc Ó Cathail



Jeffrey Blankfort is an American Jewish journalist, photographer and a
radio program producer and host with KZYX in Mendocino, California. He
has been a pro-Palestinian human rights activist since 1970 and has written
frequently on the subject. He was formerly the editor of the Middle East
Labor Bulletin
, a co-founder of the Labor Committee of the Middle East and
a founding member of the Nov. 29 Coalition on Palestine. He won a lawsuit
against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in February 2002 for its vast
illegal spying against him, as well as other peaceful political groups and
individuals (including anti-Apartheid groups/activists). Email:
[email protected]

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