We will have over 12 pieces of art for auction at the WESPAC dinner, including these four pieces viewed here in the photographs.

Jeanne Shaw has donated three original pieces of art that she has created herself:

1.  Ceramic piece candle and incense burner “Silent Singing: Candle and Incense Meditation”  – 2007.  Opening bid is $50.

2.  “Strange Fruit – For Billie and Abel” 2003  designed in wooden box with tribute to Civil Rights Struggle.  Opening bid starts at $100.

3.  “With a Piece of the Sky, I’ll Show You the Way…For Margaret” 2010.  Made with pieces of wood, glass and stone that was collected by Margaret Eberle.  Starting bid at $300.

4.  Gloria Karp has donated a 1970 original drawing by Leonard Baskin on paper, framed behind glass.  Opening bid $300.

Please take a look at the photos:

I will announce the other items as I receive them.