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Food, Glorious Food 
An Art Exhibition 

opening and concert at the WESPAC Space at 255 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, White Plains, New York on January 16th, 2010. The opening starts at 5:30 and will be followed by a concert at 8pm with The Genuine Imitations from Westchester NY, Easter Vomit from the Bronx, and 1974, from Connecticut. 

Food, Glorious Food, takes a unique look at the use of food in art. Subjects of food have existed in the works of painters for thousands of years. In the early paintings on the walls of caves, the prehistoric artist showed the hunt and the feast that followed. The old master painter Rembrandt frequently used meat and carcasses in his oil paintings; and today contemporary painter Mark Ryden paints the marbled glaze of steaks and roasts in his conceptual surrealist work. By using imagery of food in a composition artists have altered the way food is seen and understood. For example, Andy Warhol‘s Campbell Soup paintings changed the way American’s shopped, juxtaposing the brand name with a nationalist ideology. 

In the 21st century, food is more of an issue than ever. The last decade was full of fad diets and fast food promotions. On the other hand, some people became more aware of the value oforganic foods versus chemically and genetically modified foods. Vegetarianism, once seen only as a religious and moral choice, has become synonymous with “hipster” culture. Whatever the perspective, artists still regard food as a worthy subject both for conceptual reasons and the aesthetic beauty of a culinary composition. 

The artists in the show are: Alex Miritello, Kristen Goehringer, Carissa Baldino, Yancey Guthrie Winch, Jessica Emerson, Christine Camacho, Deana Camacho, Brian Galderisi, Beverly Shipko, and Adam Zucker. 

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