Some ideas have been suggested for our consideration; please come with
other ideas.  This will be a brain-storming, action-planning meeting. If you
have ideas you want to send out in advance, please do so.  If we engage
enough people we can do a number of these or other projects.

  Here are some ideas:

  – Organize teach-ins/"Rethinking Afghanistan" at libraries, college

  – Expand vigils and take them to new places.

  – Leaflet West Point cadets when they are in downtown Highland Falls on
Sunday afternoons.

  – Demonstrate at the White Plains office of ITT Corp. maker of drone

  – Construct an Afghanistan War Memorial that includes figures representing
US companies standing to benefit from the war.

  – Contact major contributors to the 2008 campaigns of Engel, Lowey, Hall
and Hinchey asking them to meet in person with an outreach team we would
create to discuss the war(s), telling them that if they agree that the
war(s) should be stopped we would like them to tell their member of
.  (The names and address of contributors are available on-line at
the site of the Federal Election Commission.)

  – Sit-ins at Congressional offices asking that our representatives provide
only the money for Afghanistan and Iraq needed to immediately withdraw US
military forces.

  Please RSVP if you can attend.

  In solidarity,

  Nick Mottern