For those who were able to attend the recent retreat, we feel hopeful and optimistic with an infusion of new energy, creative ideas, and skillful facilitation.  A younger generation has taken responsibility to educate and inform our members and others around justice and power and providing new leadership as we challenge larger systems of economic, gender and racial inequalities in the quest for equity, balance and harmony.  At the retreat, we made a commitment to work for justice, to share power within our organization and to develop financial, human and material resources that do not compromise our mission and values. 

We invite you to join us in our quest for self determination.  WESPAC Foundation’s mission is to raise our own awareness and educate our communities about crucial local, national and international issues. The Foundation’s active committees always welcome your participation. We are in the process of developing WESPAC Chapters as a means of nurturing the continued growth of the organization.  We are starting with Northern, Central and Southern Westchester County, along with developing our membership manual that describes requirements, reciprocal benefits and expectations.  We will offer monthly new member orientations and introductions to issue-based WESPAC committee work on:

·         Food and environmental justice     

·         Housing, immigration and education issues

·         War and militarism

·         Middle East and foreign policy

·         Friends of Turtle Island – solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

·         All work through an anti-racist lens in support of the Anti-Racist Alliance

For a more complete look at WESPAC’s work in 2009, please take the time to review our 2009 Annual Report. 

WESPAC Foundation provides meeting space, a resource center and organizers working in a world threatened by injustice and environmental degradation. We are your place to meet, talk, and celebrate what it means to build a world where human needs are met and all life valued. We are the consistent local voice for change. We have an ambitious agenda and need your help to carry it out. Please keep us moving forward. 

Your support is essential to WESPAC Foundation’s existence.  Please be counted.   Consider a contribution of $100 or more to support our work at this holiday time as we gather with friends and family.  Please send your tax-deductible contribution made payable to WESPAC Foundation by December 15th 2009 or go online today and make a contribution on our website .  Make a note if you can pledge an amount every month, automatically through online banking or by sending us a check.

Working together, we can help to build a compassionate and caring world,

where we take care of each other and take care of the Earth.


In Solidarity and for the WESPAC Family,

WESPAC Foundation Board of Directors