WESPAC Strategic Plan




1.  How long have you been a member of WESPAC?


2.   What was the first WESPAC activity you participated in?


3.  How long after that first contact did you become a member?


4.  What attracted you to WESPAC?


5.   What keeps you involved with WESPAC?


6.  Have you brought other people to WESPAC who have since become members?


7.  What is it that you feel WESPAC does best?


8.  What issue areas are most important for WESPAC to be involved in?


9.  What areas not presently part of a WESPAC project would you like to see activated?  Would you be willing to take leadership to see that this is accomplished?


10. a)  What qualifications should there be for membership in WESPAC?  b)Name three things that you feel  should be expected of  an active  WESPAC member


11.  What do you understand the qualifications to be to be nominated as a Director on WESPAC’s Board?    Are these what you would want to be the standards?


12.  How should the Nominating Committee be organized?