I concur with Sandy. I could even see participation in the full Undoing Racism Workshop becoming a requirement for Board membership. This workshop, which I attended many times and to which I constantly recruited people to attend, proved very important to me and our networks in the work I did prior to arriving in White Plains — focusing on the dismantling of national and international racism. I am enthused by Nada’s article and hope it generates a lot of support for the Peoples’ Institute and that it represents the direction the WESPAC Foundation will actually go. This journey for WESPAC will take a lot of work.

Rev. Joe Agne

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Sandra BERNABEI wrote:

I would highly highly recommend that we all participate in an Undoing Racism Workshop.
Many of us describe the experience as putting on corrective lenses and seeing things clearly for the first time. As someone who has reviewed the workshop many many times, I will say that it has been the most transformative and humanizing work I have ever engaged in.
The AntiRacist Alliance organizes one workshop per month in our area. I invite the entire WESPAC family to attend.

Sandy Bernabei