Great article, Nada. It is very difficult work to really face racism
head on with white people, and I admire how you have made
that possible for WESPAC.

I would like to add that there is a need for our awareness and
commitment to work against racism on a global as well as on
a local level. People of color, globally, experience oppression,
exploitation, violence and war due to the racist behavior of
dominating powers – either directed by, instigated by, or inspired
by dominant countries such as the US & Britain (and dominant
Corporations as well).

We all need to grow in our consciousness of how racism is at work
everywhere, in conjunction with other forms of oppression (classism,
sexism, heterosexism, albeism, imperialism…). While the same
people cannot work on every issue, neither can most of us work on
both local and global issues. I think what is needed is that as we
work on any particular issue, we bring to that work our deepening
awareness of how racism works everywhere (and other forms of
oppression), and this is what connects all the issues, local and global.

It is awakened consciousness that recognizes the connections which
exist, and this consciousness is required if we are ever to dismantle
the structures of oppression. That, I think, is why the Institute for
Survival and Beyond is so successful.

This ever deepening consciousness requires of us ongoing study
(reading, workshops, talks, DVDs…), conversation, determination
and the courage to act.

Keep up the great work, Nada.