Come and Hear the Family Members of the Newburgh Four Speak Out

With Attorney Lynne Stewart


Thursday, June 18th at 7pm

WESPAC Foundation

255 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., second floor

White Plains, NY 10601







Project SALAM is actively addressing the issue of FBI entrapment:


"The FBI hires Muslim criminals as agents provocateur to infiltrate Muslim communities and try to involve innocent law abiding members in illegal activities by large gifts of money, friendship trickery and manipulation. The latest indictment of the Newburgh Four is just one in a long series of illegal entrapments. In the Newburgh Four case, the same criminal agent provocateur who entrapped Aref and Hossain in Albany, was able to entrap four men in Newburgh who were only marginally connected to Islam. One had mental problems, one was a cocaine addict, one was homeless. The agent reportedly offered them up to $25,000 each to join the conspiracy. The FBI’s claim that these entrapments are legitimate law enforcement activities that make us safer, is ridiculous and shocking. Please go to our web site and sign our letter if you agree that use of agents provocateur by the FBI is morally wrong and a danger to the rule of law in this country. Thank you."