Sandra Bernabei can speak on bringing an anti-racist lens to your work, your organizing and your leadership:
Margot Dilmaghani is a life-long Classical musician and an activist for the environment and women's health.
She offers poetry and music programs.
Sundiata Sadiq is able to speak on police brutality, political prisoners and Mumia Abu Jamal.
Felice Gelman has returned from two trips to Gaza and can speak to what is happening in Gaza currently and how to connect with grassroots groups in Gaza:
Jeanne Shaw is a member of the WESPAC Board of Directors and can speak about the campaign to "Close Indian Point"
Tracy Basile is a WESPAC member and adjunct professor at Pace University and can speak on Indigenous issues and fracking.  She has produced a short film with her colleague Scott Halfmann entitled "The Unfractured Future".
Roger Drew is a youth organizer and member of the WESPAC Advisory Board and can speak to the importance of connecting the dots and supporting each other's issues.
Nick Mottern can speak about grassroots organizing, anti-war organizing, the impact of drones and direct action:
Geoffrey Smith, esq can speak on draft and military counseling, conscientious objection, civil disobedience and representing men and women exiting military service without authorization.  He can also speak about tenant and community organizing, affordable housing, housing and other discrimination, non-profit legal matters including tax-exempt status, budget management and record keeping, the First Amendment with a focus on political speech and freedom of the press, history of New Left organizations of the 1960's and 1970's and the US party building movements and interaction with established Old Left parties and international solidarity movements,  FBI, CIA and NSA counterintelligence activity and spying, and alternatives to litigation for dispute resolution.  Contact the WESPAC office to schedule a speaking engagement.