An important update.   Yesterday, after meeting with our negotiating team of  Connie Hogarth,  Ellen Katenow,  Victor Leviatin,  Felice Gelman,  and me,  President Berman of Manhattanville College agreed to offer a tuition waiver for an


refugee student fall 2009.   This is a $30,000 waiver.

So, ISP in the lower Hudson region has now two colleges accepting a qualified Iraqi student for the next semester.

Work continues with Mercy College and Sarah Lawrence College.

What began at the


WESPAC gathering last July is coming to fruition.   However, the serious fundraising efforts

have to begin now. The ISP-Westchester support group must raise all other costs  i.e. flight from


, room and board, texts, health plan, monthly stipend etc.    PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.  Contacting others will help us as well.

ISP (Iraqi Student Project)  is now a 501C-3 Tax Exempt organization

There will be a fundraising party at the Gelman’s home in


, March 21st, 7:30 pm.

You will meet Karam


and Omar Rasheed (current ISP students in Indiana)  Karam, a concert pianist and will play for us.

ISP directors Jane Pitz and Leslie Eid will be there as well.    All are welcome.          RSVP 

[email protected]

For Nyack College:

Co-cordinators for ISP-Nyack are:   Bobbie Smolow   

[email protected]

                                                                Briana Therien     

[email protected]

                                                                Bookkeeper,    Judith Martin

For Manhattanville College:

Co-cordinators for ISP-Westchester are:    Chuck Bell, Felice Gelman, Andrew Courtney

                                                                            Bookkeeper:   Roz Leviatin

Thanks to Chuck Bell for designing the ISP weblog and funding letter below.

Thanks,   Andrew