“They are Bombing
1.5 million People in a Cage”

CBS News broadcasts an
interview with a Norwegian physician
on the scene in Gaza.

He says he has seen one military casualty come into the hospital.
Of 2500 wounded, 50% are women and children. Doing surgery around
the clock. There are injuries you do not want to see– children coming
in with open abdomens, with injured legs, we had to amputate both of
them. This is a war on the civilian population of Gaza. It is a very
young population. They cannot flee. They are fenced in. They are
bombing one and a half million people in a cage.
– Juan Cole

Doctor Decries Israeli Attacks
Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor in Gaza says, “This is all-out war
against the civilian Palestinian population in Gaza. And we can prove
that with numbers.”