Palestine: Six Palestinians shot with new Israeli bullets during West Bank
demonstrations against the Israeli massacres in Gaza


West Bank, (The International Solidarity Movement):

The Israeli army have shot six people with a new weapon in the West Bank
villages of Jayyous and Ni’lin while the villages were demonstrating against
the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Three men have been shot in Jayyous, including a journalist in clearly
marked as a press official. Two were shot in the leg and one above his hip.

Three Palestinians have also been shot by the new bullets in Ni’lin.

The new bullet is very small and makes no sound as it is fired. It is
designed so that it enters the body when fired from under 50m and has been
shown to cause serious internal bleeding.

The Israeli commander for the area phoned the mayor of Jayyous earlier in
the morning to warn that Israeli forces would use live ammunition against
any demonstration by the annexation wall. Immediately as residents of
Jayyous gathered by the wall the new ammunition was fired into the crowd.

Swedish international solidarity activist Maria Johannson witnessed the

“As soon as we got to the wall many shots were fired. Three people
immediately fell. They think that while the world is watching Gaza that they
can use these acts of extreme violence against Palestinian non-violent
protest because no one will notice”

New weapons, including the new bullet used today and a new type o tear gas
that can be fired up to 500m and is extremely heavy, are being tested by
Israeli forces as the international community’s attention is focused on

Four Palestinians have been killed by Israeli use of live ammunition against
demonstrations against the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian- led non-violent
resistance movement committed to ending Israel’s illegal occupation of
Palestinian land. We call for full compliance with all relevant UN
resolutions and international law.