Jan. 4, 2009
Dear all,

According to some media reports, GBU-39 with depleted uranium has
been used in the Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip. Pasted below
is the information we have at the moment. Please let us know if you
have more information regarding this issue.

Kazashi NO DU Hiroshima Project
ICBUW http://
www.bandepleteduran ium.org

[1] [Genocide with Depleted Uranium over Gaza] (Weds. Dec. 31, 2008)
Génocide à L’Uranium Appauvri sur Gaza (mercredi 31 décembre 2008)

http://www.planeten onviolence. org/Genocide- a-L-Uranium- Appauvri- a-
Gaza-Grace-Aux- GBU-39-Fournies- Par-Les-USA_ a1767.html

[Translation of the summary part: Not satisfied with massacring
massively the Palestinians of Gaza, the SS (Zoionist Soldiers) are
poisoning the survivors with Depleted Uranium. The Israeli press
boasted this mornig the technological exploits of their air force
that uses the Smart Bombs GBU 39 with Depleted Uranium to bombard
their targets in the Gaza Strip, a territory of 360 km2 with the
population density of 3823 habitants per km2. The recent aerial
raids over the border with Egypt to destroy the tunnels are being
carried out, according to an officier of the SS army, with these GBU
39 with DU.]
See the article www.planetenonviole nce.org

Below is the original:
“Non contents de massacrer massivement les palestiniens de Gaza
les SS – Soldats Sionistes- empoisonnent les survivants à l’Uranium
Appauvri. La presse israélienne s’est vantée ce matin des exploits
technologiques de son armée de l’air qui utilise des Smart Bombs GBU
39 à l’Uranium Appauvri pour bombarder leurs cibles dans la Bande de
Gaza, un territoire de 360Km2 d’une densité de population de 3823h au
Km2. Les récents raids aériens sur la frontière avec L’Egypte pour
détruire les tunnels se font, selon un officier de l’armée SS, avec
ces GBU 39 à L’UA.

Voir l’article de www.planetenonviole nce.org

[2] Also at the YouTube, you find a video clip of a report by a
Norwegian doctor who has been allowed to enter the Gaza area as the
first volunteer doctor.
Acccording to the comment to this clip, this doctor “mentioned
that these bombs appear to be radioactive as well,� although
unfortunately the last part containing this part has been cut off
when the clip was shortened by YouTube.
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=vm4UH0F_ S2o

[Below is the comment you can find by the video clip frame:
A doctor member of the first foreign medical volunteers allowed
into Gaza following the Israeli attack on Gaza at the end of 2008
gives his opinions to Al Jazeera News. He notes that 40% of the
injured victims are women and children, opining that they are, in
fact, the targets of the attacks, which he calls cowardly.

This was the second airing of this clip on the evening of New Year’s
eve 2008/09. It was shortened. The first airing of this doctor’s
statements ran about a minute longer and he stated that a large
proportion of the injured were suffering from extreme burns that he
presumed were caused by “new” bombs most commonly known (but
definitely little-known) as Heavy Metal Tungsten Alloy (HMTA) weapons
(http://tinyurl. com/72ovr5).
He also mentioned that these bombs appear to be radioactive as

As I write this, there are no Web references to these weapons being
used in the current attacks, although there are claims of their use
in attacks on Gaza and southern Lebanon in 2006. (http://tinyurl. com/

If these weapons are indeed radioactive, this feature might be due to
the use of depleted uranium, a surprisingly common component of
modern bombs.

To read my blog entry on the matter at my blog, Debating Depleted
Uranium, visit this link:http://www.gnn. tv/B30595