Dear Allies,


We realize most everyone has either left or is getting ready to leave on vacation, but if you could take a moment to send a brief statement to Obama’s liaison to the progressive community, Mike Lux ([email protected]), about the invitation of Rev. Rick Warren to lead the convocation at the inauguration, you’d be spreading some important holiday indignation. The Center for Constitutional Rights wrote the statement below – please feel free to either write your own or forward ours with a brief note saying you agree and requesting a response.


Please also forward this to all your organizational contacts. This isn’t intended to flood Mike’s inbox with mail from individuals, but to let him know how many progressive organizations feel strongly about the issue, and to send an important message to the incoming administration.


Thanks, and happy holidays!


Statement from the Center for Constitutional Rights on the Selection of Rev. Rick Warren to Lead the Convocation at the Presidential Inauguration


December 23, 2008 – The Center for Constitutional Rights is outraged at President Obama’s choice of the right wing Rev. Rick Warren to lead the convocation at his inauguration. This is "change" we can neither believe in nor support. Many of us have been looking forward to this inauguration as we have no other in the past, with great hope that the new administration will restore our Constitution and its place in a nation of laws. We understand, too, that the new president is working to reach across the aisle and make people of different beliefs welcome at his table.


But the choice of Rev. Warren is a callous slap in the face to all progressives and people of conscience who cherish the equality of women and their right to a safe and legal abortion. Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. It is a constitutional right. Women fought and died for it. A man who so vocally opposes such a hard won and important a constitutional right has no place at this inauguration.


The choice of Rev. Warren is a slap in the face to all progressives and people of conscience who cherish the equality of men and women in the LGBT community. His vocal support for the shameful California Proposition 8 pushes from the table those who have fought long and hard to be able to love and be loved without the interference of hate mongers. A man like Rick Warren who envisions a society where some classes of people are entitled to fundamental rights while others are not based solely on whom and how they love has no place at this inauguration.


We understand that there will be compromises and decisions we won’t agree with in the coming years, and we will be right there challenging them. But to begin it all in this way, is a terrible signal to send to the people who worked day and night to elect President Obama. He should withdraw his invitation. At the very least, he should ask someone else to officiate as well, someone with decency and eloquence who can balance the presence of Rev. Warren. If the president is at a loss for ideas, allow us to suggest two women who could ably fit the bill: Bishop Katherine Jeffords Schori, the presiding head of the Episcopal church who supports the ordination of gay ministers, and Susana Heschel, a feminist theologian and daughter of Abraham Joshua Heschel, the Jewish leader who worked hand in hand with Martin Luther King.


Let’s not start off on the wrong foot and hobble progress before we’ve even begun.



C. Lynne Kates

Education and Outreach Organizer

Guantánamo Global Justice Initiative

Center for Constitutional Rights

666 Broadway, 6th Floor – New York , NY


[email protected]