Dec. 13 People’s Bailout Action


Please come Saturday, Dec. 13 at noon to the fountain at Main Street and
Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains to be part of the People’s Bailout March
and Rally where we will call on Congress to cap credit card and mortgage
interest rates
at 5% and to stop funding the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

We will march from the fountain down to the office of Congresswoman Nita
at 222 Mamaroneck Avenue where we will call on her to introduce
legislation in Congress to limit interest rates and stop war funding.
Along the way we will stop at banks and tell them about the interest rate

At Ms. Lowey’s office we will hear speakers, including Khusro Elley and
Nada Khader of WESPAC, and all attending will be invited to speak if they
wish. We will also cut up Ms. Lowey’s “Taxpayers’ War Fund Credit Card” and
write our bailout needs on index cards that will be given to Ms. Lowey.

While Congress must pass an economic stimulus package to put money into our
pockets, it must also take action – like the interest cap and the halt of
war funding – to stop money from being taken out of our pockets.

With respect to interest, the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve have
given $8 trillion to banks; why should we pay exorbitant interest rates to
borrow our own money?

This action is being conducted in concert with the Jobs for Justice
People’s Bail-Out Now! National Week of Action, Dec. 7-13. The goals of
this action can be found at

This event is sponsored by WESPAC.

Contact: [email protected] earthlink. net