The Lower Hudson Valley Social Forum scheduled for March 27th and 28th, 2009, at the White Plains High School is a response to the various pressing issues that we are all facing. Our purpose is to broaden the “single issue” focus of groups that the non-profit industry has created along with a climate of competition for resources, and build a broad movement locally that is clear in opposing all forms of oppression and exploitation. We will highlight voices that are marginalized and made invisible by the corporate media.

We will strengthen local organizing and local relationships so that we are all better prepared to correct institutional racism and sexism, ICE raids and the targeting of immigrants, discrimination against people with disabilities, home foreclosures, rising unemployment and cost of living expenses, food & fuel issues, climate change and the promise of endless war and occupation. This social forum is not a two day event but an ongoing movement of local people to reclaim our dignity, our civil liberties and our livelihoods through the lens of a more just economic system that works for all.